Jane Gillings, within and without, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2013. Photo Terri Calico (My Sculpture Moments contest Runner Up)

My Sculptures moments Photo Contest Winner announced



Congratulations to Melina Wilkins (@quintdesign), winner of the My Sculpture Moments Photo Contest!

Melina has won a trip to Perth including flights and accommodation as one of our official photographers for our Cottesloe 10th anniversary exhibition from 7 – 24 March 2014.

She has also won a Canon EOSM twin kit camera courtesy of Canon Australia.

The next runner up: Terri Calico (@terri_calico ) has also won a Canon EOSM single kit camera courtesy of Canon Australia. 

The other runners up were: @fifilabelle1, @phreshnathan, @rifki_abdul, @thinkingmedia, @khundui, @rosecolbeck, @cantique_le_potreno, @paulyvella, @stephtee, @jolivolsi, @dhawa_lhamo, @lindaprince53, @kar1981, @rezuerkm

Who will all receive a 15th anniversary exhibition book and 2014 calendars.

Highly Commended: @jewelszee_, @gl3no, @k_e_rr_y,
@siss_ , @markhamimages, @paulgun, @andymiers, @silvialiphotography


Rebecca Rose, look at me, Sculpture by the Sea,
 2013. Photo Melina Wilkins (My Sculpture Moments Contest Winner)

Of the winning photo our Judge Lauren Bath said;

“Choosing a winner was very difficult for me but in the end I fell back on techniques that I know and love and went with a clean composition with beautiful light.”

Upon hearing she had won Melina Wilkins said;

"I am truly honoured to be the winner of this years Sculpture by the Sea moments photo competition. As a Graphic Designer, I have a deep appreciation for the arts, including sculptures and photography, this competition has managed to merge the two together in such an awesome event. Every year I find that The Sculpture by the Sea event gets better and better with so many emerging and established artists who are extremely talented! Thanks for this amazing opportunity!"

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