First ever triple crossing of Rottnest Island to Cottesloe Beach



On Sunday, coinciding with the last day of Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2013, Ceinwen Roberts and Rohan Hollick completed the first ever triple crossing of Rottnest Island to Cottesloe Beach.
The swim commenced at midnight on 23 March from Rottnest Island. The swimmers reached Cottesloe in the early morning of 24 March, swimming back to Rottnest and ending with the final swim back at Cottesloe at approximately 7:00pm.
Ceinwen has swum the Rottnest swim solo four times and completed the English Channel in 2011. Rohan has done two double crossings and completed the solo swim three times. Up until now, neither had attempted a triple crossing.

As it stands, the annual Cottesloe to Rottnest swim that takes place each February is the longest open ocean swim in the world. Spanning almost 60 kilometres, the triple crossing will be almost twice the distance of the English Channel crossing, 35 kilometres.
Both swimmers have been inspired by Walk Free’s mission and have used their swim to raise awareness of modern slavery.
To find out more about Walk Free visit:

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